LEED Consulting Services

An internationally-recognized building program. LEED is an internationally-recognized green building program created by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and a voluntary, consensus-based, market­-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings.

We are client-centered. With our smart and efficient workflow management, we provide LEED services that are tailored to what your team and project need. From the design to the occupancy phase, our team works with your team in implementing green building design, construction, operation and maintenance solutions.


WELL Consulting Services

All is well with WELL. The WELL Building Standard is a system that measures, certifies, and monitors the building features that affect human health and well-being. It provides an evidence-based standard and performance requirements for the seven (7) concepts of impact such as air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind. It ensures that human-centric principles of designs, the promotion of human health and well-being, and establishment of buildings that improve the well-being of the occupants.

We help you prioritize safety. Our team will help you achieve a WELL certification by providing you the information on how your building can adhere with the WELL Building Standard. Being WELL-certified increase the value of your property, generates savings in personnel cost and helps you promote well-being. More than 90% of WELL-certified environment occupants said the spaces have positive impact on both their performance and well-being. Always remember if your building is WELL-certified, you highly put the safety of your stakeholders as your main priority.


Integrated Design Process (IDP)

Collaboration in each construction phase. In order to create a high performance building, the building structure, its systems and the site are treated as one interdependent system. This approach is known as the Integrated Design Process (IDP). IDP requires a project team to collaborate in each phase of building construction.

We bring the key people together. We practice the Integrated Design Process (IDP) approach where we get to share a vision of sustainability and work collaboratively by bringing together key stakeholders and design professionals like building owners, developers, architects, engineers and consultants in each phase of building construction.


Energy Modeling

Identifying the best efficiency measures. An energy modeling system is a process where computer models of energy systems are being built for analysis. In building construction, they are used to predict a project’s energy consumption and identify best energy efficiency measures and inputs to envision future operational costs.

We identify inefficiencies and develop improvements. Our team provides energy modeling services that help you identify operational inefficiencies, provides results used to develop effective capital improvements and helps you understand the energy impact of the building during the designing phase to lower the costs as well as the emission of carbon.



Inspecting each project component. A project commissioning is the process of ensuring that the building’s components are designed, operated and maintained in compliance with your requirements. Commissioning can include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting, building envelopes, renewable energy generation and interior systems.

We effectively and efficiently measure plans. Our team works with your commissioning team to effectively and efficiently measure the plans of building construction. We can recommend you highly-skilled engineers and technicians trained in compliance with internationally-accepted procedures to achieve the LEED commissioning requirements.


One-Stop Sustainability Consulting Services

Sustainability requires attention. The concept of sustainability in building construction might sound simple, but in reality, it requires you to pay attention with every strategy that you intend to do. With properly-planned strategies, you will be able to save time and resources which will eventually help you the profitability that you wish to achieve.

We help our clients to achieve sustainability. We provide sustainability consulting services such as Stormwater Management Design, Lighting Design, Carbon Dioxide Monitoring System Design, Systems Controls Design, Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality/ASHRAE Compliance Design, Green Roof Design, Energy Star (Equipment) Reporting, Energy Auditing, M&V Planning, Environmental Control and Monitoring Study, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Analysis, Water Reduction Consulting, Day Lighting Modeling and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


Workshop and Training

Successful implementation begins with learning. We believe that a successful implementation of sustainable building practices can only be achieved by educating you as well as our co-professionals on the benefits of green building strategies, programs, and materials through our extensive workshops and trainings on the concept of green buildings.

We train, we educate. Our team educate design and building professionals, government agency staff, and students through speaking engagements, trainings, and lectures. We also develop sustainability guidelines, tools, and resources for building professionals, building owners, and the general public about green building.

Let us help you achieve your sustainability goals

It’s up to you to know more about sustainable buildings where your stakeholders can work, perform and feel at their best. Begin with your green initiative now!


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